Flow Reminder is a
Beta application. This means that the interface is not yet final and may change when the application will be commercially available.

free use is bound to the collection of information useful for development. I therefore thank you for all the tips and information you will to share.

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What led to the development of FlowReminder

Tax procedures and their deadlines change over time in complex ways, depending on the choices and the law.
Calendars, in general, are not "dynamic": by changing a date there is no possibility to automatically change the other dates that depend on it.

The need for an easy tool, accessible to all, made me imagine an application with two separate modes:
1) downloading templates already prepared by others, fill your dynamic calendars simply by entering the dates and the necessary information.
2) If you have an inclination for logic, create or modify your models, which, inside the App, you can then upload to the Flow Reminder website.

A brief description of how it works

"Flow Reminder is a tool for Lawyers, Accountants and Professionals in general, to track deadlines, based on programmable models, with multiple choice evaluations."
In short, it is a utility software, extremely simple to use.
Once a start date has been entered and the correct template is available, FR can automatically calculate all the due dates, even if between the dates there are complex links that change according to the previous choices.
Flow Reminder can use multiple calendars (Italian, American, etc.) in which to define holidays and holidays.
It is possible to create new templates, building flow logic with a simple graphical interface.

To whom FlowReminder is useful and how

"The deadlines that change in the fiscal and bureaucratic procedures, put a strain on my memory"
For an accountant therefore, FR is a calendar that knows how to move dates, according to the procedures and choices made for the client: how long for the appeal, the deadline of a petition, the date of the trial, etc.
In general, therefore, Flow Reminder solves the confusion of changing deadlines, with an intelligent digital calendar that helps professionals in various industries keep track of all important dates.
Simply by using an appropriate template (tax notification, maintenance, construction calendar, etc.), the user can immediately enter the basic dates and see all the scheduled deadlines created on the calendar.
Changing one of these dates, the others change according to the logic of the template.

Flow Reminder is currently a free application with an expiration date (23 may 19).

Your contribution to its development will determine the final conformation of its commercial version.

Flow Reminder does not have an installer. Just copy the application (OSX) or the folder containing the application (Windows) where you are comfortable and launch it.

While waiting to create an online help text, within the application, you can view a series of online explanatory videos that, I hope, can clarify many things. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.
Some sample templates are already present whitin FR. If you make an effective template, do not hesitate to upload it to the appropriate section of the application, so that it can be tested by others.
In the near future, a dedicated website will be developed, where users will be able to exchange templates and, if necessary, sell them and make a profit.

Stay tuned

  • OSX (Macintosh)
    • OSX 10.7 Lion
    • OSX 10.9 Mavericks
    • OSX 10.11 El Capitan
    • OSX 10.12.6 Sierra or superior
  • Windows
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 10
  • iOS iPad
    • the fully functional version is ready and will be listed in the Apple store at the time of product marketing.
  • iOS iPhone
    • is planned the development a version of FR for iPhone, with reduced functionality (no template development)
  • Android tablet
    • The development of a fully functional version is underway
  • Android phone
    • is planned the development a version of FR, with reduced functionality (no template development)

Here you can download Flow Reminder
(compressed file to unpack: Copy the application to the application folder or to the desktop)
PLEASE NOTE: if you are using a Mac (OSX), the first opening of FlowReminder must be done using the right mouse button> "open"

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Mac OSX 10.7 or higher

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Windows 7 or higher

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The Flow Reminder App for iPad will
soon be available on the Apple Store.

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The Flow Reminder App for Android tablets
will soon be available on its App Store.